Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Day Our Lives Changed...

My friend entitled her blog from yesterday, "The Day Our Lives Changed." I had been thinking about how fragile life can be and how change can occur with just a word. Cancer entered my beloved friend's life through a diagnosis of leukemia in her husband. A tummy ache turned into a life-altering, new vocabulary-learning thrust into a world of tests, doctors, medicine, diagnosis and realization that life truly is fragile. She's a trooper and I've read her emails and blog and am amazed at her strength and faith with her individualized touch of humor. I wonder to myself how I would react? What would I do? Could I be as brave as my friend or would I crumble into a pile of mush? Well, all I'm doing is preparing to move 1177 miles to Mount Juliet, Tennessee, in a couple of weeks and I'm worn out. My friend's situation sure is a kick in the pants for me and a bending of my knees in prayer for her and her family.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scooter's 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) Big Adventure

This is Scooter. He came to live with us in November 2006 the whole way from Bowling Green, Kentucky, via New York where he was fostered. He had 6 or 7 different transporters, including a 4-day ride in a trailer truck with 3 pit bulls and a Visula. It's no wonder that he won't get in the car (until this past Monday).

Scooter is wondering about all the boxes and paper rustling, and he has no idea that the security of his Fort Collins home is only going to last until September 22, and then he'll be on the road once again. Our move to Mount Juliet, Tennessee, happens when the moving van loads and pulls out on September 23rd.

Scooter is afraid of people, loud noises, fast movements, walking, and riding in a car. Little does he know that he will encounter all of these things when we set out in the car for Mount Juliet. To get him ready, we've had him in desensitization and cross training. I've also experimented with Bach's Rescue Remedy and 1/8 a table of Benadryl when he'd be distaught with our packing noises. Each new box is something for him to investigate and approve. Bach's seems to do a really good job at making him relax without the grogginess he has with Benadryl. After our experience with loosing Paxton from drug complications, we want to stay away from the hard core sedatives.

So, that's where we are today with 33 days and counting to blast off for Tennessee.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Paxton Goes to Heaven

We lost our 4.5 year old Papillion/Border Collie mixed breed rescue two weeks ago today. He was in intensive care at the Colorado State University vet hospital for 3 days and we finally had to let him go. It's hard to be without him since he was 25% of our family. His furry memories run in and out the doggie door of my brain. Last night I thought I saw him in the backyard chasing the drive-in theater cars coming down the road. But no. Scooter, his little brother, is finally getting over his depression and starting to act normal. Maybe when we get to Mount Juliet, Tennessee, we can adopt again for Scooter and for us. Paxton was too young to go to the Rainbow Bridge, but we did do all we could. In the end, pancreatitis, drug interactions and pneumonia took are dearly loved and highly cherished, faithful companion. We love you Paxton.