Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Day Our Lives Changed...

My friend entitled her blog from yesterday, "The Day Our Lives Changed." I had been thinking about how fragile life can be and how change can occur with just a word. Cancer entered my beloved friend's life through a diagnosis of leukemia in her husband. A tummy ache turned into a life-altering, new vocabulary-learning thrust into a world of tests, doctors, medicine, diagnosis and realization that life truly is fragile. She's a trooper and I've read her emails and blog and am amazed at her strength and faith with her individualized touch of humor. I wonder to myself how I would react? What would I do? Could I be as brave as my friend or would I crumble into a pile of mush? Well, all I'm doing is preparing to move 1177 miles to Mount Juliet, Tennessee, in a couple of weeks and I'm worn out. My friend's situation sure is a kick in the pants for me and a bending of my knees in prayer for her and her family.

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