Saturday, August 2, 2008

Paxton Goes to Heaven

We lost our 4.5 year old Papillion/Border Collie mixed breed rescue two weeks ago today. He was in intensive care at the Colorado State University vet hospital for 3 days and we finally had to let him go. It's hard to be without him since he was 25% of our family. His furry memories run in and out the doggie door of my brain. Last night I thought I saw him in the backyard chasing the drive-in theater cars coming down the road. But no. Scooter, his little brother, is finally getting over his depression and starting to act normal. Maybe when we get to Mount Juliet, Tennessee, we can adopt again for Scooter and for us. Paxton was too young to go to the Rainbow Bridge, but we did do all we could. In the end, pancreatitis, drug interactions and pneumonia took are dearly loved and highly cherished, faithful companion. We love you Paxton.

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